Our "self dog wash" is easy to use, convenient and best of all,  you can leave the mess with us. No more wet dog on the furniture or muddy paws on the carpet. Our Self wash stations are equipped with hydro-wash machines, the shampoo + conditioner come out directly from the hose along with oxygen bubbles to cut down the need for scrubbing. Each station has its own force dryer. We offer towels, brushes furminators and more. Feel free to add on any service when you come in for a self wash. 

Short Coated Breeds

S (1-19lbs.)  minimum of $15                                     M (20-44lbs.) minimum of $18                                    L (45-69lbs.) minimum of $21                                    XL (70 lbs. + up) minimum of $23

Long + Double coat breeds      

S (1-19lbs.)  minimum of $17                                     M (20-44lbs.) minimum of $20                                    L (45-69lbs.) minimum of $23                                   XL (70 lbs. + up) minimum of $26

+Add ons

Nail Clipping $10                                                            Nail Painting $20                                                         Teeth Brushing $10                                                     Anal Gland  Expression $10                                         Ear Cleaning $10                                                         Ear Hair Plucking $10                                                   Ear Flushing $10                                                        Paw Shaving $10                                               Eye/Face Trim $10-$15                                                   Feet Trimming $15                                         Sanitary Shave  $10                                           Blueberry Facial $5                                                           Hydration Wash $10-20**                                  Furminator De- Shedding $10 + Up                   Shedless Treatment $20-50                                    

**Luxury Spa Upgrade $3-5**