Walk IN Baths + Services

No APpointment, No Problem

We offer a variety of services which are available, everyday, as a walk-in service. For these services can make an appointment, but you don't have to. Utilizing only the highest quality and top of the line products with an emphasis on natural, organic and essential oil infused ingredients.  We offer an array of luxurious options for you and your Pup. 


Groomers Bath

Our "Groomer's Bath" is what we like to describe as "the works." It includes everything but the kitchen sink, or in this case, everything but a haircut. Included, a shampoo with massage, luxurious conditioner (with add on options like deep conditioning masks or color specific shampoos), blow dry + brush out  (de-matting fees may apply where necessary), nail Clip + file, ear cleaning (and flushing when needed), ear hair grooming (when needed), furminator de-shedding brush out (when needed), sanitary shave, and a dental inspection (extremely important in maintaining the overall health of your pet.) 

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Wash N' Go

Our "Wash N' Go" is a professional bath + dry, with the option to add any one of our "Small Service" options. 

Short Coated Breeds

 S (1-19lbs.)  minimum of $20 + up                  

 M (20-44lbs.) minimum of $25 + up  

 L (45-69lbs.) minimum of $30 + up                

XL (70 lbs. + up) minimum of $35 + up


Long or Double Coated Breeds

S (1-19lbs.)  minimum of $25 + up                    

M (20-44lbs.) minimum of $30 + up                   

L (45-69 lbs.) minimum of $35 + up              

XL (70 lbs. + up) minimum of $40 + up 



Small Services /

Nail Clipping with Filing $10  

Anal Gland Expression $10                            

Ear Cleaning $10                                              

Ear Hair Plucking $10                                    

Paw Shaving $10                                                

Eye/Face Trim $10-$15                                      

Sanitary Shave  $10                                        

Blueberry Facial $5                                        

Furminator De- Shedding $10 + Up                

Shedless Treatment $20-50                            

Luxury Spa Upgrade $3-5


Transportation for your Pet 

Within a 10 block radius of our shop    1 way $15 / Roundtrip $20

Further Location $30 + UP